Something must kill a man, why men get high on big butts.

It is no news that African women have been blessed with lots of curves, these curves are so distinctive that it has driven the increment of the lots of females who are on the hunt to have a very appetizing curvy body that most men yearn for. If you asked me, I would gladly define African men as a car. Identifying not only their love for driving on top speed but also their love for driving in both sharp and smooth curves. Then again what makes the African body super different and attractive that every man and woman actually yearns for? Well, it seems to me that most men are attracted to the hips and big bum; after all, they say its love at first sight right?

It’s amazing how that simple part of the body of a female has a complicated turn out that turns men into kids and kids striving to grow quickly all so they can have a piece of a well packaged meat, all dressed up and probably powdered almost every night .

To what extent will the men go to have that kind of an African woman with all the curves they desire to escort them, revitalizing their African masculinity? The craze for enlarged body parts of the woman has greatly inspired the creations of varied ways of enlarging treatments which mostly is characterized by oral treatment and surgeries, with great disregard for the side effects they may generate.  Is this rush the doing of the love of big buttocks and hips by men who are constantly seen as cows with humongous udders, rich and loaded with milk waiting to be skillfully extracted by some women tagged slay queens?

Even though not all men are enticed by the Coca-Cola shaped body type, most men will kill to have such a woman hooked unto their right hand. My question however is, is the love for enlarged hips and buttock the new kind of cannabis?

Watch the video below and answer this question for yourself.

source: | Fidel Blaque

7 thoughts on “Something must kill a man, why men get high on big butts.

  1. Chaley the video tells the entire story…. You should see how happy the guy is, cannabis can’t give u this sort of satisfaction and happiness my brother. Great story bro.

  2. Women are constantly updating themselves cuz men are constantly demanding the ridiculous.
    Aaahhba if we stopped painting a perfect picture of what a woman should like a woman in dispensation will not find then thousand ways to argue with a man, she does so cuz she’s spent a lot trying get your attention and needs to recoup

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